THIS. was an interview piece, devised from over 60+ interviews with New Haven residents. The theme was loss, regret and fracture. Actors performed stories that were taken from the interviews, changing character quickly and fluidly. We settled on a set that was a collection of objects, framed together and built into the walls of the cabaret. The objects became talismans of memories and stories that the actors were performing. Closed boxes became inaccesable memories - and projection surfaces for text. We hid lights all in the wall behind objects, and at a climactic scene the text took over the space, obliterating the objects. The only color in the space came when one box was opened at the end of the play to reveal a bright yellow interior - for a monologue that finished the show.

Directed by Margot Bordelon

Set Design: Reid Thompson

Costume Design: Hunter Kaczorowski

Lighting Design: Oliver Wason

Sound Design: Joel Abbot

Photographs: Nick Thigpen