Director Mark Rucker wanted to focus this STREETCAR from Blanche's perspective - that we saw the world of New Orleans through her eyes. The set was based on the shotgun-style houses of the Faubourg Marigny where Williams set the play. The house was tilted on an extreme angle, and had back and front walls removed - heightening the sense of exposure that Blanche feels. The decay and tropical heat were represented by a collage surround of over-scale walls of the Marigny - rotting siding and peeling beer ads. We saw a slice of Eunice and Steve's apartment on the second floor - a view I described as "knee down." The entire house moved SL about 15 feet to bring us from scenes centering on the porch to scenes that play in the two interior rooms of the house. Shifting ground, drunkenness, disorientation were all inspirations for the slow movement of the house through the show. A midstage painted scrim bled through to expose an upstage "nightmare-scape" as we saw moments of Blanche's past and madness later in the play.

Directed by Mark Rucker

Set Design: Reid Thompson

Costume Design: Hunter Kaczorowski

Lighting Design: Stephen Strawbridge

Sound Design/Composition: Steve Brush

Photographs: Carol Rosegg