little shop of horrors




Directed by Ethan Heard

Choreography by Parker Esse

Music Direction by Rick Bertone

Set Design: Reid Thompson

Costume Design: David Murin

Audrey II Design: Mio Gubernic

Lighting Design: Oliver Wason

Sound Design: Tyler Kieffer

Photographs: Tyler First, Emma Rothenberg-Ware, Reid Thompson, Ethan Heard

Actors: Stanley Bahorek, Lindsay Chambers, Stephen DeRosa, Taurean Everett, Bryonha Parham, James Ludwig, Alia Hodge, Kay Trinidad, Jalise Wilson

For this production of Menkin/Ashman's campy hit, director Ethan Heard had the vision to try something different for Audrey II, the alien plant usually played by a muppet-like snapping puppet. He cast Taurean Everett, a gifted lip-synching drag queen, to be the body of the plant and Bryonha Parnham, a singer with incredible range and gospel colorations to play her voice. We landed on a rotating design to bring us inside the plant shop, on the streets of Skid Row and to a back alley location. We pulled the whole set quite close downstage to feel like a slice of a city street right behind the proscenium. Our Skid Row was drab and sapped of color, the set soared 4 stories high so the opressiveness of the city made us understand why Audrey longs for somewhere that's green. Reinventing the plant and our rotating set made for quite a bit of complicated engineering to achieve all the special effects that the script calls for. All the meetings and logistics paid off; with the hard work of the staff at BTF the production functioned beautifully.