half moon bay



Directed by Jess Chayes

Set Design: Reid Thompson

Costume Design: Meriwether Snipes

Lighting Design: Mike Inwood

Sound Design: Janie Bullard

Photographs: Reid Thompson

Actors: Gabriel King and Keilly McQuail

Half Moon Bay is the story of two misfits inprobably finding each other in the boozy nights of Santa Cruz, California. The first two scenes take place in a bowling alley bar, and the second half of the play takes place in Annie's apartment. The trick of this world premiere production was that we were performing in the absolutely tiny Cherry Lane Studio space, and the play wanted two fully realized, realistic sets. The solution involved an epic intermission changeover, done with military precision in ten minutes by a hardworking crew.  The set was essentially a smaller set within a larger set, walls rotated into place, furniture shifted, and voila - we were in Annie's apartment. I had a great time trying to get that hipster/slacker California vibe just right. It was a great help that playwright Dan Moyer loaned some of his personal art collection for Annie's apartment. The Lichtenstein print was one of my favorite unexpected touches, it had the perfect ironic cool for the play.